Nutritional Therapy

People seek Nutritional Therapy if they want to improve their symptoms via nutritional means. When I analyse your lifestyle and diet I may suggest that certain things are contributing to poor intestinal/gut health which may mean your body is failing to absorb and utilise the nutrients you are consuming properly. Certain foods in your diet could also be causing inflammation which needs to be addressed if any health condition is to be improved. Altering your diet may reduce LDL cholesterol levels, stored fat and brain fog. You may also come away feeling better mentally and have increased energy levels. What we eat and expose our body to influences our hormones and genetics which means we have more control over our destinies than we may think. Some of the clients I have worked with have reduced or eliminated their symptoms by following my advice. I aim to support clients every step of the way through the changes they make. I try to ensure learning is as enjoyable as possible and aim to empower clients with the knowledge I provide so they can use it as they move forwards and share it with others.

My experience includes extensive study and training in herbalism and Nutritional Therapy. I have worked alongside Nutritionists and Dieticians on some of the busiest medical wards in Essex and also closely worked with an Endocrinologist which has influenced my approach. My clients also benefit from my study and qualifications in Psychology and role of food psychology in our everyday lives. Drawing on all of this I take a holistic and person-centred approach when I work with individuals on their nutrition and diet. If you would like to know more about what each of the services you see below involves then please feel free to contact me.

Nutrition Consultation Appointment: £40 (1 hour)

Also available via Skype & Telephone