Couples Counselling

  • Relationships can be repaired
  • People can be forgiven
  • Trust can be rebuilt
  • Boundaries can be adjusted
  • Individuals can change

If communication has broken down in your relationship, or if it was never established to begin with, couples counselling may help you learn how to connect and understand each other better.

Perhaps there has been some form of infidelity but neither of you want to give up or walk away from the relationship. Couples counselling can help rebuild trust and learn prevention strategies going forward.

Couples counselling can also help you get better at emotional connection and intimacy. It can show you how to resolve arguments and disagreements, and let go of resentments. It may show you ways to love each other better and put the other person first more often.

These are just some of the ways this type of counselling can help improve relationships and the way we function within those relationships. Couples counselling will help you learn things about intimate relationships that we should have learned before the first one ever came along, but never had the chance to. I have over 7 years experience working with couples and helping them stay together and enjoy their relationship again.

Video couples counselling £75 per 50 minutes by video