Coaching & Mentoring

Coaching & Mentoring

As you may already know, enhancing emotional intelligence has the potential to quite literally transform lives. Unless we have studied a psychology related course, education fails to provide us with the skills and techniques that enable us to cope with our emotions to the best of our ability. Recognising and understanding our thoughts and feelings assist us in our life-goals, hopes or dreams. By increasing your emotional intelligence, you will not only understand yourself better but you will also understand other people better, including their needs and agendas. This can greatly work to your advantage as you improve your relationship with the world around you and communicate more effectively both physically and verbally with those around you.

Through coaching and mentoring, I assist clients in building their self-esteem by means of increasing emotional intelligence and understanding some key theories in human behaviour. During sessions we work on self and social awareness, self-management and relationship management. Successful clients have used the awareness and skills they have attained in their sessions to develop in their relationship with themselves, others and with their immediate environment. Coaching has helped clients in their business pursuits and career. Additionally it has helped them to cope in times of change, communicate more effectively and manage their impulses whilst gaining clarity of mind and confidence. Some have built their resilience by:

  •  Sharing and exploring their travels so far.
  •  Acknowledging and celebrating the skills they have acquired.
  •  Mapping their needs and goals in preparation for the next adventure.
  •  Practicing and rehearsing possible strategies for building skills and strengthening their determination to journey on.

Regardless of age, self-development and an independent listener is never beyond our needs. Here is the place you can receive supportive, confidential and motivational coaching to gain greater insight into yourself and the relationships that exist in your life. You’ll also learn more about psychology, behaviour and the motivations behind other people’s actions.

60 minute Life-Coaching session £45

Also available via Skype & Telephone